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Frequently asked questions

The RandomKindness.Us is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2019. Our sole objective is to promote positive values and encourage others to share helpful messages and activities. By setting an example of kind actions our followers become part of our #KindnessKrew. We communicate these values through inspiring messages on social media and hope to aggregate the message of kindness through the creation of our App.

We believe that people want to do good and instinctively can do more to help others, but they need to be reminded to make kindness a daily habit. Positive role models are displayed by our #KindnessKrewas an example of how anyone can take part by performing a simple task to help another. 

We have a number of individual donors who have helped us with our start up funds. We are also running active campaigns on Facebook charity and

No. RandomKindness.Us and are not affiliated with any religious or political viewpoint, either formally or informally. We do not endorse any particular political party or religion. We examine our messages rigorously to ensure we present values in intriguing, nonpartisan ways. Since inception, we have focused on our commonalities, not the beliefs that divide us. We believe anyone, from any background, can be caring, courageous, inspiring to others, or otherwise live the many values we are proud to share in our messages. Sharing the values of respect and admiration for these kinds of positive values is our only agenda. We hope that the values we share transcend religious, political or cultural orientations.

No, we are not affiliated with any other organization at this time. But we do hope to become an aggregator toward acts of kindness and in doing so plan to be associated with many other organizations.

 We have a very small staff of volunteers and do not have any paid openings, but we are appreciative of those who would like to offer their services to help grown our organization and core values that we hope to share throughout the world.